Bikini Karate Babes Mobile

Bikini Karate Babes Mobile

Creator Travis Riggs, of Creative Edge Studios, originally created Bikini Karate Babes (BKB) as a parody of the way females were portrayed in fighting games.

Despite what most might think at first glance of the game; the content is pretty safe for work and just a bit of cheeky fun with a variety of attractive females. Ever since Midway abandoned using live actors in favor of CG with the Mortal Kombat series (MK4); digitized fighting hotties have become a lost genre.

Not only did the 2002 BKB pay homage to that but so did the 2011 sequel, Warriors of Elysia. A quick peek in the game’s official forums proves that not only is there a following but a place for a game of its type still.

With a mobile release Creative Edge Studios is looking to redefine fighting games on the platform via a control scheme more suited to touchscreen iOS and Android devices. BKBM will also focus on wifi enabled multiplayer and include concepts new to the series such as the ability to level up the attributes of your combatant. The intent is to release the game as a free app and support it via expansion packs. The roster will include characters from both games in the series along with some new ones as well and is being marketed more as a greatest hits than a sequel due to the planned inclusion of classic and modern versions of some of the fighters. The Kickstarter rewards include a chance to have yourself added to the game as either a publicly available character or privately to be used only by you and those you deem fit.

Bikini Karate Babes Mobile

As a fighting game aficionado the ability to level up my own character and challenge people across the world is enough to get my pledge of support. I’m curious to see how the developers will attempt to integrate anyone into the game that opts for the higher end reward package (especially if male) and as such I will be keeping track of the development and hoping that by this time next year; I’ll be accepting challenges on my phone.

– KamikazeQ

Kickstarter campaign –

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2 Responses to “Bikini Karate Babes Mobile”

  1. Travis says:

    Great article! Glad you found our goofy game compelling enough to write about. 🙂

    Yeah, our Kickstarter project is offering a tremendous amount of goodies for people who help bring the game to mobile. We’re looking forward to it.

  2. Geist01 says:

    Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign, Travis