Beyond: Two Souls Pre-Order Details Revealed

Beyond: Two Souls Pre-Order Details Revealed

Beyond: Two Souls seems to be having quite a ride. Its first premier was at E3 last year, then the first gameplay trailers were shown not at a game convention, but the Tribeca Film Festival. When it was revealed the game would be featuring the accomplished Willem Dafoe as well as the funny and versatile Ellen Page, that only stoked the fires even more. With Mark Hammil and Kevin Conroy not reprising their roles in Batman: Arkham Origins, I would say David Cage is definitely trying to square off with Warner Bros. Montreal in a media blitz. Viva la Competicion!

But the time to debate actors not returning versus the ones that are in new IP can come later. I’m just here to tell you that pre-ordering Beyond: Two Souls will bump you up to the Special Edition, which includes the steelbook pictured below, thirty minutes of extra gameplay, making of videos, a game soundtrack, PS3 theme, and avatar bundle. That’s quite a package for only $60.

NSFW Gamer

In Heavy Rain, we got Madison Paige in a full-nude shower scene and later on a sex scene with Ethan Mars that was even more racy than those in Mass Effect. Is it too much to ask for David to continue breaking barriers? Right now it seems the journey is more in line with The Last of Us than The Witcher (likeness between Ellie and Ellen notwithstanding), but there’s always hope, even within the confines of a Pegi 16 rating. In the meantime, surely we can all wait until Arkham Origins debuts a Game of the Year disc, right? Right?

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