Be A Cop, Criminal, or Escort in Capital Sander

Be A Cop, Criminal, or Escort in Capital Sander

Currently, there’s a Kickstarter campaing for an MMO called Capital Sander where you can play as either a criminal, police officer, or an escort.

According to the project’s page, it will be “A “Free to Play” online game in a crazy world full of action, eroticism and chaos with a funny touch.”

Set in a city filled with crime and seediness, players will take on the role of one of three classes. The Criminal’s role is to cause trouble and gain respect from other enemies. The Police Officer’s role will be to control any trouble which occurs and show authority. The Escort’s role is to make money, attract clients, and hire more girls. You will also have the option of being either good or bad.

Backer rewards for the project include game artwork, a digital or physical comic, exclusive in-game perks, designing a mission and even creating an in-game poster.

The game’s concept is intriguing, but it would be good to see more gameplay footage, especially in regards to the Escort class.

– Anonymous Tipster

Capital Sander ~ Website ~ Kickstarter

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