Bayonetta 2 Official E3 Trailer

Bayonetta 2 Official E3 Trailer

Finally some Bayonetta 2 footage that isn’t just a big tease.

Nintendo opted out of a press conference but has been giving us a steady stream of trailers in its place. One of the games I have been desperately looking forward to is Bayonetta 2 so I am super excited to get some gameplay footage after almost a year of just teaser trailers and concept art.

And holy shit am I more excited for the game than ever. There’s mystery, there’s intrigue, there’s ridiculous action set pieces. Bayonetta fights on an F-15 fighter jet, Jeanne’s soul gets dragged into hell and BAYONETTA HAS SHORT HAIR!

Clearly my excitement has damaged my ability to type in complete sentences so do yourself a favor and check out the trailer.

– Sullivan O. Bradley

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