Bayonetta 2 Gets A New Story Trailer

Bayonetta 2 Gets A New Story Trailer

Damn you Bayonetta 2 for being a Wii U exclusive…and damn you Wii U for existing.

I want to play Bayonetta 2 and Wind Waker HD so bad but I’ll never buy a fucking Wii U for them. I didn’t even play my Wii for chrissake. The last Nintendo console I truly loved was the GameCube. The Resident Evil remake, the first Rogue Squadron, OG Wind Waker, and Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes were bonkers! Not to mention the Metroid Prime series. Yup, that was the high point for me. Wii U luuuuuuaaaaaate.

But I digress. Bayonetta 2 looks pretty awesome. I hope it finds success on Nintendo’s sinking console ship because I’d love a true next-gen sequel for the PS4 or Xbox One. Only time will tell.

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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6 Responses to “Bayonetta 2 Gets A New Story Trailer”

  1. DevilSugar says:

    I really still want to play Metroid Prime, but… this stack of PS3 games glares at me if I even hint at another system. I move to increase the hours in a day to 36, and the months in a year to 15.

  2. Ultamisia says:

    i really feel bad for the fans of the series. i LOVED the first one…then i got skipped to a shitty Nintendo console with no fans to begin with…I’d be honestly surprised if they made their money back…

    such a wasted opportunity

  3. NotSoGrump says:

    I don’t understand those that say they love Bayonetta but would prefer for the sequel to be dead when Microsoft and Sony declined to fund it when they went to them first. Nintendo was the last company they went to and they accepted to fund it. Why not blame your console maker of preference since they declined to fund it. It wouldn’t exist without Nintendo so just act like it doesn’t exist and move on if you refuse to buy a console for an exclusive you want. Unless you play all the platforms then you’re bound to miss something exclusive, right? It’s been that way always.

  4. Ultamisia says:

    hmm never said if it’s on nintendo’s hands it dead, and very simple. You’re a fan of the series and then the publish told you to go fuck yourself because they are in a dive while still making dreadful sonic game, not MS or Sony..SEGA! Platinum always needed backing from a publisher and others refused or weren’t even contacted if i understood correctly! Not many outside pub.s were spoken too.

    To be honest i don’t blame MS or Sony declining it due to the nature of the title. Mainly a japanese dev. working on an action gamer that has a large sexual vibe to it wont resonate well with first party.

  5. lordredek says:

    Man fuck Sony and Microsoft I’m buying a WiiU.

  6. Jahanpanah says:

    Happy that Nintendo backed it. To hell with MS and Sony. Now at least there will be a Bayonetta game. I wish it to be successful so that they can make more and continue the series. Though I’m not in the position to buy a Wii U in the near future, I might consider to have one if they release a Wii U Metroid as well.