Batman: Arkham Knight Announcement Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight Announcement Trailer

I tell ya, you know it’s gonna be a good day when you wake up to a new Batman game being officially announced. Even better when it’s by Rocksteady!

Obviously we all knew this was coming eventually. Even though I really liked Arkham Origins, it was pretty clear that the game was meant to tide us over while Rocksteady worked on a proper next-gen sequel. Its story was my favorite in the series so far, but Origins lacked the overall polish of the first two games.

Never fear though because Rocksteady is back at the helm and has just delivered one of the most exciting CGI trailers I’ve seen in a long time. There’s a lot of emphasis on the Batmobile in it so here’s hoping Batman: Arkham Knight will be truly open world. I’d give my left nut to play a GTA style Batman game.

Expect lots of Batman: Arkham Knight videos and news between now and October 14, 2014. Until then, check out the announcement trailer below and the two Game Informer covers from this month.

– Corey Stevenson aka “Geist01”

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4 Responses to “Batman: Arkham Knight Announcement Trailer”

  1. Noah says:

    Okay, I’m excited about a new Batman game again. I agree with what you said about Origins. It did have an exciting (there’s that word again) and interesting story, but it did lack polish. I’ve always loved Batman stories that take place in winter, so that was another plus for Origins. Bane was awesome to fight. At least Origins gave a reason as to why Bane is a big, dumb ape in AA, because Bane isn’t dumb. My one disappointment with Origins’ story,


    Black Mask wasn’t actually Black Mask. They swerved us and had it turn out to be Joker pulling the strings the whole time. Now, while Baker’s VO for Joker was amazing and about 98% spot on, I was both a bit surprised and disappointed that it was the Joker. The previous two games were predominantly about the Joker. I liked the idea of Black Mask (or any villain really) taking over the spotlight and being the main antagonist. I would have liked to have seen Joker actually be a mystery assassin and ends up revealing himself during the 3rd act, and telling Batman he doesn’t care about the money, he just wanted to join in on the chaos. But whatever, I digress.


    Now, onto Arkham Knight. Well the Batman Begins influence is EXTREMELY obvious. No bulky armor like in Origins, but it’s still armor, and different from what we saw in the first two games. I’m okay with this for two reasons. One, it keeps his look fresh, not just same old, same old. Two, the armor looks sleek and cool, and the cowl looks way better than that of Dark Knight and Rises. The costume in those two films was alright, but the sides of the cowl under the ears (I mean human ears, not the cowl’s bat ears) had a really weird design to them. It just didn’t look right from a head on perspective.

    The Batmobile also looks like the “Tumbler” or whatever the fuck they called it in the Nolan films. What a stupid name, tumbler. This kind of disappoints me a little, because I’ve always wanted to drive around in the Batmobile, and the Batmobile in Asylum and City looked really cool. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they give us both versions of the Batmobile. The tank does look cool in that trailer too.

    I noticed that Quinn didn’t have her dark, widower look she had in the AA DLC pack. Wonder what’s going on there, or if it was just an oversight? Also glad to see Two-Face playing a, possibly, hopefully, bigger role in AK. I think Two-Face has been under-represented in the Arkham games so far, and Baker did a great job with his voice too.

    On a last note, I REEAALLLLYY hope Hush plays a big part in this game. They teased at him in AC, I’m hoping it wasn’t just a one off thing. Hush is awesome, and they seemed like they were going to do something interesting with him in AK. I hope he’s a main baddy, and not just a side quest.

  2. DevilSugar says:

    AAAAAH major nerdgasm!

  3. glcorp says:

    Just got back from vacation and saw this…my key board is all messy now.

  4. DevilSugar says:

    @GL- Explains why you haven’t been online. Come meet Noah and I in DCU!