Batman and Copperhead by Mister Multiverse

Batman and Copperhead by Mister Multiverse

I do declare, Copperhead is getting a lot more hentai love than I thought she would when I first saw her. That’s cool, I can dig it.

I like freaky villain chicks as much as the next guy. Frost is one of my favorite female fighting game characters of all time (soooo hot cold). I just don’t entirely get it with Copperhead though. I mean, I dig the art I just don’t get the appeal of her. Let me know what you guys think of Copperhead in the comments below.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

– Geist01

Art by Mister Multiverse ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

Batman: Arkham Origins Hentai

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