B.Orchid vs B.Orchid by Crisisbeat

B.Orchid vs B.Orchid by Crisisbeat

Goddamn, Crisisbeat is on fire right now! He keeps cranking out one awesome piece after another and is quickly becoming one of my favorite hentai artists. That’s high praise for sure, but I think at this point he’s earned it.

Here we have the original B.Orchid vs the latest version in a hyper-sexual one-on-one match to see who can make the other person cum first. At least that’s what I figure is going on. As much as I dig the way the new B.Orchid looks, I’m rooting for the original. That’s still my favorite version of the character. OG Killer Instinct FTW!

Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite version of B.Orchid. Better yet, lets do a poll. Because why not, right? Lets see which version wins. Cast your vote now.

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

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Art by Crisisbeat ~ Hentai Foundry

Which version of B.Orchid do you like better?

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Killer Instinct Hentai

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4 Responses to “B.Orchid vs B.Orchid by Crisisbeat”

  1. Lord Redek says:

    Well as it stands the original has won. Of course there are only two votes as of yet.

  2. The original one looks great, but so does the one on the right. I can’t pick! They both look hot!

  3. DevilSugar says:

    New school! I dig that darker green and the punk’d up look too much.

  4. Lord Redek says:

    I went on who looked like they where winning in the image, and the new Orchid is not winning.