Aya Brea’s clothes disappear in The 3rd Birthday

The 3rd Birthday for Sony PSP

Square Enix takes the whole video game life bar to a new level in the Parasite Eve sequel for Sony’s PSP, The 3rd Birthday – As you take damage Aya Brea’s clothes begin to shred and disappear. This begs the question, “What’s my motivation to keep her alive now?”

Pics after the jump

Thanks to IGN for posting these comparison pics of Aya Brea’s clothes taking damage so we can start dreaming up all sorts of perverted scenarios that may take place in The 3rd Birthday.

As you can see Aya Brea still has a “normal” life bar but who cares about that? I wanna see her butt naked at the Game Over screen!

I am going to go on record right now and say that this new technique will be a big hit with gamers and we will begin to see more games utilize destructible costumes. Batman: Arkham Asylum did it  (although his costume’s damage was scripted and he’s a dude so who cares) so why not Lara Croft next? Mmmmm polygon nip slips….. drool

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