Artist Spotlight – Daniel Vendrell Oduber

Ivy by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

While surfing the interwebs on a daily basis, usually looking for hentai or cartoon porn, I come across a lot of talented yet underappreciated artists on various sites and forums.

Seeing as how most of these guys (and gals) like to draw sexy video game characters I thought that featuring them on NSFW Gamer would be fun and fairly appropriate.

So without further ado I present to you the first Artist Spotlight – Daniel Vendrell Oduber

Daniel Vendrell Oduber caught my eye when I was surfing Gelbooru looking for hentai (why else would I be there). I was blown away by his pin-up of Poison from Final Fight and immediately stopped what I was doing, took my hand out of my pants, and began searching for more pics by him. Luckily I was able to find his Devaint Art page right away.

I love the realistic yet stylized interpretation of each character, especially Sophitia (those tits!) and Ivy (those tits too!) from Soul Calibur.

Below are some of my favorite video game babes by Daniel Vendrell Oduber courtesy of his Deviant Art page with each pic linking directly to the full size image. He has a lot more great pieces in his portfolio so be sure to check them out if you like what you see here.

– Geist01

Click here to see Daniel Vendrell Oduber’s portfolio at Deviant Art

Soul Calibur Sophitia by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

Soul Calibur Ivy by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

Street Fighter Cammy by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

Dragon Age Jess by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

Final Fight Poison by Daniel Vendrell Oduber

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2 Responses to “Artist Spotlight – Daniel Vendrell Oduber”

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  2. Jack says:

    Have you seen Dominic Marco’s work. It’s really A+ material!