Arkham City just got a little sexier

Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn

Unless you lived under a rock all last year (or were committed to Arkham) there is a good chance you played the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum and you probably can’t wait for the sequel. Fortunately today we are treated to new screen shots from Batman: Arkham City that feature a sexy Harley Quinn redesign and a very cleavagy Catwoman. Yum.

I rank Batman: Arkham Asylum as one of my all time favorite games and is the first (and only) PS3 game I ever unlocked a platinum trophy with. It had everything I wanted in a Batman game – Moody atmosphere, bone crunching action, and a dash of sex appeal thanks to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Well it looks like Batman: Arkham City is is on track to top the first game…at least in the sex appeal category.

Check out these new screen shots (courtesy of Destructoid) of the always sexy Harley Quinn in a brand new outfit plus Catwoman showing off her purrfect cleavage. Oh how I wish I were Bruce Wayne……minus the whole parents getting killed thing of course.

Batman: Arkham City Catwoman showing off her cleavage

Batman: Arkham City Sexy Harley Quinn and Batman

Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn and Joker's goons

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    Nice blog! I loved it!

  2. razorcannon says:

    if harley quinn was real id tap that