30 Years of Nudity in Video Games

God of War 3 Sex Mini Game

The history of sex and nudity in video games is littered with a few missteps and awkward moments but once in a while something arousing actually slips through the cracks.

Check out the hits and misses after the jump.

IGN has compiled an easy-to-consume history of sex in video games¬†beginning¬†with Custer’s Revenge in 1982 and ending with the God of War Trilogy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might just beat off! It does motivate me to track down and play each of these games just to say I did. I’ll make that one of my life goals.

Wow, there are some really forced combinations of nudity and video games (BMX XXX I’m looking at you). What were they thinking? I guess pixel nipples are so rare that the devs figured if they just add topless chicks people will buy their game no matter how bad is.

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God of War 3 Sex Mini Game

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One Response to “30 Years of Nudity in Video Games”

  1. Johnny Jefferson says:

    Oh my heck, I can’t believe they would even let this cat out of the bag. If you’re into WoW, you have got to check this out. It’s a game changer!!!!