A Stunning Splatoon Wallpaper by Ecchi-Star


As I mentioned in my last post, I have no idea why Splatoon hentai is so popular. The game isn’t even out yet and, lets be honest, the character models aren’t all that hot. I don’t get it! Keep in mind I’m not saying Ecchi-Star’s version of this Splatoon babe isn’t attractive, actually I think this piece is rather beautiful, I just don’t like the initial character designs (granted it’s meant to be a kids game I think).

So yea, that’s where I stand on the whole Splatoon thing. Like I said, I do think this piece of art by Ecchi-Star is bonkers. I’ve always loved her style. If you dig this pic as much as I do you can check out the nude versions in the member section of CutePet.org. There’s also futa version too if that’s your cup-o-tea. Hey, no judgments here.

Gamora Undressing by Ganassa

Gamora Undressing by Ganassa

I find it really odd that we are just now seeing hentai based on Zoe Saldana’s Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. And it’s not even technically “hentai!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ganassa’s artwork and this pin-up is hella hot, but damn. Can’t we get a drawing of Gamora fucked by tentacles or something? The Wii Fit Trainer had a ton of hentai pics online just days after her announcement. And don’t get me started on how crazy it is that Splatoon has a lot of hentai already based on it too. So what, no one likes green chicks? Is that it? Damn.

Hopefully now that Guardians of the Galaxy is out in the US we’ll see more of Gamora and her amazing cybernetic body. At least we can always count on Ganassa to get the ball rolling on these kinda things.

Dat Game Shorts – An An Droine

An An Droine

What happens when you combine a simple game like Snake with “sexy” androids? You get An An Droine.

I…I really don’t know what to say about this lol. Just check out the video and see for yourself. At the very least, Shades is in top form.

You can watch this episode and all the other Dat Game videos on the official NSFW Gamer YouTube Chanel. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

DoA 5 Gets A ‘Bath And Bedtime’ Costume Set

DoA 5 Gets A 'Bath And Bedtime' Costume Set

Man, I don’t know who’s paying for all these Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate costume DLCs, but someone sure is because Team Ninja keeps cranking them out.

This time we get the “Bath And Bedtime” DLC costume set which includes pretty much what you think it does- girls wearing towels, nightgowns, or over-sized men’s shirts. Oddly enough, there were no nude costumes included in this pack. Maybe I’m weird, but that’s how I sleep.

The Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate “Bath And Bedtime” DLC costume set is available now for $14.99. You can watch the trailer below to see if they’re worth your cold hard cash.

Kitana Bending Over by Windbelow

Kitana Bending Over by Windbelow

Goddaaaamn Kitana’s legs go on forever. And dat ass!

This drawing by Windbelow is just chock-full of win. I hope he does a whole series Mortal Kombat themed pics like this. I’d love to see Tanya bending over like too. Tanya would have to have a slightly bigger butt though. Why? Because, why not? Like Sir Mix-A-Lot, I love big butts and I can not lie lol

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

Here’s The ‘Onechanbara Z2: Chaos’ Debut Trailer

Here's The 'Onechanbara Z2: Chaos' Debut Trailer

Alright alright alright. Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Onechanbara Z2: Chaos.

It has everything you would expect- Half naked girls with swords, crazy costumes, lots of blood, and terrible music. I love it! The Onechanbara has always felt like a B movie in video game form so this trailer is very appropriate. I can’t wait to see more.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is hitting Japanese PS4s in October. There’s no word yet on whether or not it’ll be making its way stateside.

Gunsmith Cats Tribute by Bloodfart

Gunsmith Cats Tribute by Bloodfart

Oh man, I used to loooooove Gunsmith Cats.

Back in the day I would read the shit out of the comics Dark Horse put out (the ones that were full comic size, before they shrank them to “normal” manga format). Too bad they’re all in my mom’s basement back in Maryland because I really want to read them now. Damn.

Gunsmith Cats is really the only manga I ever seriously got into. If you guys never read it, you should definitely check it out. Gunsmith Cats has lots of action, cool cars, kick-ass women, and little bits of T&A sprinkled in for good measure. Bloodfart mentioned something about the “revised edition” of the manga in his write-up, but I don’t know anything about it. If there is a newer/better version of Gunsmith Cats out I want to read it so if anyone has any info please let me know. If not, well, enjoy the hentai!

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

Your Plot Device is Turning Me On – Part 3


Okay kids and cadets, I’m eagerly reading your comments on part 2 of The Damsel in Distress article and I see that not only did a lot of you do your homework, but you guys are also really grooving on this discussion format. I love it! I love it when you guys challenge me and say exactly what you think in response to one of my articles. It makes the discussion a lot more fun and in the end, I get to learn a few new things.

For part 3 I called in a dude friend of mine that I’ve been wanting to write with for about four years now. We play games together, and we know each other quite well at this point – but he also happens to be one of the most talented writers I know so he was a natural to ask to accompany me in writing this piece because we often talk about female protagonists and honestly – I really just wanted him to work on this piece with me because I thought that this could benefit from a male perspective. I’ve listened to your criticisms and I wanted things to become more balanced. Without further adieu, I give you all CB. I’d tell you all to be gentle with him, but I doubt he would have any fun that way.

Emma Frost Topless Pin-Up by Raulovsky

Emma Frost Pin-Up by Raulovsky

Since the last two pics I posted by Raulovsky were more on the “pin-up” side of the hentai spectrum, I thought it would be nice to feature something with a bit more skin (though the lack of exposed epidermis really wasn’t the issue with those Satsuki Kiryūin pics lol).

I saw this piece featuring Emma Frost topless pretty much immediately after I posted those Satsuki drawings, so I made a mental note and saved it for another day. That day has come! I hope you enjoy Emma’s big beautiful banana boobs as much as I do. God bless her gravity defying x-gene lol ;P

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

FemShep Shows Off Her New Armor by Devil HS

FemShep Shows Off Her New Armor by Devil HS

Now that’s my kinda N7 armor! Maybe if the character models in Mass Effect looked like this I’d be more inclined to play it.

Thankfully GL just made a video showing people how to mod the game with sexier outfits (PC only), so check that article out once you’re done drooling over this awesome piece of hentai by Devil HS.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go pretend that I’m a lowly technician on the Normandy and Commander Sheppard needs me to check something out for her…in her undercarriage! (I couldn’t think of an actual ship term lol)

Not Safe For Work ~ Hentai

Dragon’s Crown Will Be Free On PS+ This August

Dragon's Crown Will Be Free On PS+ This August

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Vanillaware’s excellent side-scrolling brawler, Dragon’s Crown, and you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then I have good news for you- It will be free this August for the PS3 and Vita.

I loved my time with Dragon’s Crown and wanted to play through with the Sorceress, but alas the disc drive on my gen-1 PS3 is finally crapping out on me and I can’t play disc-based games anymore. Just like with Dead Space 3 last month though, PS+ comes through right in the nick of time. If it weren’t for Sony’s subscription service I would have had to either get a replacement PS3 or a PS4 sooner than I wanted (I still can’t watch any of my Blu-rays though so that sucks- fuck you Xbox and your DVD disc drive. Bah!)

You can check out the full line-up of free games this August via PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation Blog. After you check out the awesome Sorceress pin-up below first though ;P

Ms. Dat Game – Onechanbara

Ms. Dat Game - Onechanbara

Nisa Shadette is back and this time she’s reviewing a game that I’ve personally always wanted to play (for the T&A)- Onechanbara

So what does she think of this sexy zombie dungeon crawler? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Plus, you know, it’s more Shadette. What more do you want?

You can watch this episode and all the other Ms. Dat Game videos on the official NSFW Gamer YouTube Chanel. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.