Threadless by Doxy – Complete 22 Page Comic

Threadless by Doxy

Good news for fans of Doxy and InCase’s artwork: has moved away from the paysite model and is now relying completely on Patreon funding to get by. As a result, the whole site is now open to the public and people can make donations if they want to help keep it alive.

To help get the word out about the site I collected Doxy’s complete 22 page Kill la Kill hentai comic below. You can check the whole thing out after the jump then swing by for more amazing hentai. Don’t forget to donate a little something something to their Patreon account so we can see more awesome comics like this in the future.

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Juliet Starling Getting A Double Creampie

Juliet Starling Getting A Double Creampie

I wonder what Nick would say if he saw what Juliet Starling’s extra curricular after school activities were. Granted, he’s just a severed head so what’s he gonna do about it anyways?

I love the fact that Lollipop Chainsaw came out over two years ago and people are still making fan art of her. I know that’s not anything new, there’s been fan art of Samus Aran and Lara Croft for years, but it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a sequel to Lollipop Chainsaw (I don’t think it did great, sales wise at least) so the fact that there are still people that draw and cosplay as Juliet is pretty awesome. If they game was a flash in the pan, its main character certainly was not.

Thanks to all the fans for keeping Juliet Starling alive and well in our dreams!

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Senran Kagura Bon Appétit Officially Dated

Senran Kagura Bon Appétit Release Date Announced

Marvelous and XSEED Games announced today that Senran Kagura Bon Appétit will be hitting the US on November 11th.

Bon Appétit is a PlayStation Vita exclusive spin off of the popular brawler, Senran Kagura, but instead of battling other ninjas with swords and daggers you fight using your culinary skills. I had fun playing the game at E3 this year and if I had Vita I’d definitely be picking it up along with Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

Speaking of Shinovi Versus, all DLC is compatible with both that game and Bon Appétit so you only need to buy it once. How cool is that?!

She-Hulk Hentai Tribute by Bloodfart

She-Hulk Hentai Tribute by Bloodfart

It’s always nice to find someone who has similar interests as me. Of course, by “similar interests” I mean a love for She-Hulk porn. Even better when that person is a phenomenal hentai artist like Bloodfart.

Few people in this world have an affinity for Jennifer Walters’ alter ego the way he does. Thank god too because it means we get to enjoy stunning tribute pieces like this one.

According to the write-up on Hentai Foundry, all the images in the front are new. That’s some dedication right there! If you like She-Hulk as much as I do (and Bloodfart) then this is a must-see.

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Hentai Picks of the Week 10/12 – 10/18/2014

NSFW Gamer's Hentai Picks of the Week 10/12 – 10/18/2014

Check out NSFW Gamer‘s favorite hentai pics of the week.

We scour the interwebs for the hottest video game, comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy cartoon porn so you don’t have to.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of this week’s selection. Also, feel free to suggest your own pics by either shooting us an email or posting the link below. We’re always on the lookout for hot new hentai so don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Enjoy the pr0n!

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NSFW Gamer’s Girl of the Week Quickie – Nilin

NSFW Gamer's Girl of the Week Quickie – Nilin

Remember Me was a game with a lot of potential and hype that sadly did not hit the mark.

What we did get out of it was a very sexy protagonist named Nilin. Sadly, because the game did not do well, we did not quite get the amount of fan art of her that many of us wanted. Ultamisia, Ganaassa, Trishbot, and Pornthulu did give us some excellent pics that I’m sure we will all remember though.

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Marvel vs DC Babes by Paulo Barrios

Marvel vs DC by Paulo Barrios

I know I just posted a piece by Paulo Barrios on the site yesterday, but did you really think I’d pass on featuring this epic crossover because of something like that? In the immortal words of Lana Kane: Nooooooooooope!

First of all, let’s see who we have here. From left to right on the top row there’s Zatanna, Black Canary, Polaris, Rogue, and Psylocke. On the bottom row we have Blink, Black Cat, and Power Girl. I’m kinda surprised Paulo Barrios didn’t include Wonder Woman, but I’m certainly not gonna complain. I think this painting is absolutely amazing and I hope you guys do too.

Don’t forget to follow Paulo Barrios on Hentai Foundry and DeviantArt if you like what you see below. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but to each their own lol

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Dat’s Play – Amazing Princess Sarah Part 3

Dat's Play - Amazing Princess Sarah Part 3

In the third part of Dat’s Play – Amazing Princess Sarah, Ross takes on the Dark Dungeon stage. Watch the video below to find out how it all goes down.

You can watch this episode and all the other Dat videos on the official NSFW Gamer YouTube Chanel. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think.